Serving automotive manufacturers since 2003

  • Modera Automotive SaaS Platform provides OEMs as well as their partners and networks with lead Generation, management, nurturing for your Dealership Network.

  • Modular approach enables digitalization of one or all the processes needed in the automotive sales process.

  • The platform enables over boost in the lead management and lead-to sales conversion processes, while enabling digital touchpoints for each step of the process and full real time transparency for all parties.


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    Digital CRM & Retail

    • Turn your dealers into agents with the help of our CRM & Retail solution
    • Capture real-time sales data from your network
    • Manage digital leads with ease and precision
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    • Enjoy additional sales channel to meet customer expectations
    • Combine dealer stock onto one central online sales platform
    • Distribute the leads to your dealers
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    Online importer stock

    • Central stock allows to turn dealers into agents
    • Integrations with factory ordering systems
    • Full transparency of orders and sales
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    Digital Showroom

    • Improve customer experience at the showrooms
    • Manage content remotely
    • Share digital information on the showroom screens  (new model info/ new technologies)
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    Automotive websites

    • Equip your dealers with state-of-the-art websites that follow the brand voice
    • Allow us to centrally manage website content for all dealers
    • Anjoy a full overview of digital leads

Supported Brands

Globally available SaaS platform with Plug&Play DMS integrations for 30000+ dealers supporting more than 30 automotive brands.

Plug&Play integrations and Open Platform Approach

Quick digital relief with certifications made for OEM integrations, Plug&Play integrations with major DMS vendors, out-of-the-box integrations with a growing number of third party players (finance, goverment, insurande) and open API integration layer for swift custom integrations.

Our Best Features

  • Built from ground up not top down

    We started from salesmen to optimize their workday and provide modern applications that boost sales and efficiency.

  • Holistic or modular approach

    Digitalize step-by-step or go all in for holistic end-to-end omnichannel sales solutions.

  • Out of the box solution

    Fits perfectly with existing systems, has multi-
brand support and new/used cars sales.

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