Automotive CRM Case Study for Kia Auto

In this automotive CRM case study, we show you how a network of dealerships improved sales and efficiency.

automotive crm case study

Here’s what you can learn from how we helped KIA Auto to build a powerful dealer network with an all-inclusive sales solution.

Quick facts

  • Client? KIA Auto AS
  • What they do? Regional importer of KIA vehicles, parts, and accessories.
  • Where? Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
  • Range? 24 dealerships

Challenges for the Dealership

KIA Auto was facing several challenges in 2016. The distributor was struggling with data discrepancies, insufficient reports, and the lack of data for a thorough business analysis. The dealer side was missing uniformity, easy access to product information and a trustworthy lead management system. Among other things, this resulted in ineffective use of time, resources, and created human errors.

Root of the Problem

The primary cause for the problems was the fact that KIA Auto did not have a proper system in place, to gather and store all the necessary information and make it accessible for everyone.

Having dealerships all over the Baltics made multi-language management time consuming and caused a lot of errors. There was a lack of uniformity in data distribution tools to the dealers and data itself was of poor quality. Sales were hindered because there was no one tool to manage car price lists, accessories, options, and images.

Also, not having a car configurator definitely did not help matters.

Local websites did not comply with KIA web standards. At the same time, complex content management system required constant support from the website admin.

What KIA Auto really needed was a one-stop-shop type of solution to gather all the data onto one easily accessible platform. The dealer network had to become one united and harmonious front.

Solution to Improve the Whole Dealer Network

KIA Auto was ready to ditch the headache and head towards success.

Modera Webfront provided official websites, with a harmonious theme, for all three countries as well as a unified website solution for all the dealers. The system made it easy to manage an online presence for everyone.

All the websites are centrally updated in real time via Modera Importer hub, saving KIA Auto a lot of valuable time.

Data Hub made it possible for the importer to centrally maintain an extensive set of car data for all 3 countries. The price lists, options and accessories, images, grades etc. were all finally stored in one place.  Thanks to Data Hub, KIA Auto can centrally update the content on all the dealers’ websites, making sure all the information is up to date.

Campaigns became consistent and timely with the help of Central Campaign Management, which allowed to manage and distribute campaigns, offers, news and events in real time.

By setting up Importer Stock, the importer could manage vehicle pipeline statuses, display free stock to its network and allow dealers to make car reservations and order online.

Once Modera Salesfront was implemented for the entire dealer network, the importer and distributor side became truly connected. The importer was able to receive real time master data, see distributor stock and provide sales funnel data to the distributor.

Modera automotive CRM provided real time performance data from the dealer network down to salesman level. It includes sales funnel data, leads and conversion data, etc.

Consistent Improvement Over Time

As much as the new solution was vital for the success of KIA Auto, it wasn’t an overnight miracle. It took time to implement new tools and for both the importer and dealer side to get accustomed to the changes.

With a little bit of time and effort, both parties could clearly see the benefits from the solution, and it became easier to stick out the learning and evolving process.

You can read more about automating with a automotive CRM in our overview.

The Results for the Dealership

KIA Auto has since enjoyed a significant increase in volume and conversion of online leads. Their website traffic has grown tremendously as have accessories requests via Online Accessories Sales module. KIA Auto now has aligned brand identity across all sites, maintaining dealer identity via local content.

Launching campaigns across all three markets has become 5 times faster, not to mention much more cost effective. All product data has been standardized and always up to date. Both the quality and speed of distributing multi-lingual data has increased.

KIA Auto can now capture and process leads very fast and convert them into offers in under a minute. Their clients can enjoy a truly unique purchase experience.

Customer Feedback

It is a big step for us as a KIA distributor in Baltics to offer our dealers an all-in-one platform to manage their daily business, and that is unique to our needs. We are proud to be the pilots of Salesfront program, that is universal for distributor and dealers”

Sven Litvinov, Managing Director at KIA Auto

Services in This Automotive CRM Case Study

The information system for the KIA auto included a wide variety of processes and services. If you want to enjoy the same results as KIA Auto, check out the solutions they implemented. Read about another successful car dealer CRM implementation.

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