Evaluation is an integral part of a used car sales flow.

Thanks to our trade-in tool you can easily capture each detail of the car and provide a quick, precise, and market-based value estimation for every vehicle.


Customers can start the trade-in process on your website by entering all the details and photos of the car.


If a customer is already at the dealership, the trade-in process can be started on the phone app, which allows to conveniently enter all the details, take pictures and forward them automatically to the appraiser.

Digital sales process made personal again with

It’s time to upgrade your dealership’s digital communication with our Video Chat tool.


It’s the perfect tool for collecting leads, giving them that personal touch that a sales process needs and turning them into buying customers.

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© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.

© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.