A cloud-based solution to support vehicle distribution.

Developed for the ones who manage large dealer or agent networks and want to implement an efficient vehicle sales solution.


Our Importer Management tool combines all data and activities related to vehicle sales into one centralized platform where everyone has access to the same real-time data.

Our modular platform allows OEMs and Importers to...

Connect and show your 

Online Stock

Online importer stock is a great tool to speed up your sales and ordering processes, as you and your network are connected in one single ecosystem.


You can easily manage the full vehicle pipeline from order to delivery, share free stock with its network, allow car reservations and online ordering.

Cars can be made visible online at a very early stage of production, giving you the opportunity to increase pre-sales.

Time to pick a modern and efficient

Pricing Management

The days of using Excel sheets to manage vehicle price and specification data are over.


Instead of inserting the data repeatedly into various systems (IMS, DMS, Car configurator, E-Commerce, Website etc.), it’s time to choose a tool that will automate this once and for all.


All of the data can be entered once into a single system where it can be shared and published in every other system you need.

Fleet and 

Campaign Management

If you still struggle with creating campaigns and sharing them with your network, we have a solution for you.


Cloud-based campaign management makes it easy to create targeted campaigns for a whole model lineup or for a specific model code.


Share campaigns with your network by using Modera Dealer Sales Tool, distributing the data via API or generating fleet bulletins.

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Want to see real-life results?

We don’t just talk about it, we’ve already done it. Find out about some of the OEMs, importers and dealers we’ve helped so far.

Nissan Nordic Europe’s partnered with Modera Software, which led the company to become a true trailblazer in the European automotive sector, breaking barriers and shaping a new, bold future for the region

It wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing from the start, but by now, KIA Auto has been able to build a powerful dealer network thanks to an all-inclusive car sales software.

The Ukraine-based company has taken advantage of the smooth and seamless processes offered by the Modera's Salesfront product.

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© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.