Ready-to-go and cost-effective solution for the Agency Sales Model.

Modera has developed a cloud-based solution that will improve customer experience, reduce distribution costs in the network, and enable better ways to deal and interact with customers.

Imagine if your agency sales tool software could...

We are focused on building

A configurable workflow

We configure a workflow depending on your needs by taking our products and adapting them to your sales model.


We offer the most cost-effective and quick way to introduce the agency sales model.

Unlimited possibilities thanks to 


We give you the opportunity to say goodbye to the limited-capability legacy software and choose a cloud-based automotive-focused system that can be easily integrated with any software and partner solution you need.


Thanks to our open API-s, you can integrate the agency sales tool with all online lead channels, including e-commerce and car configurator, vehicle ordering system, financing and insurance, payment gateways and even DMS.

Agency model helps see and evaluate the 

Entire Sales Process

Our sales tool along with such OEM modules as price specification and campaign and fleet management tool, is the most cost-effective and efficient way to launch an integrated omni-channel car buying and ownership experience across all online and offline channels.


It’s all about delivering a better customer experience, improving customer journeys and increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Customers are looking for an adapted dealer role in a new multichannel landscape.

Modera covers All the steps

Getting info

Look & feel

Test drive







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Online car sales made transparent and efficient

management tool

A cloud-based solution for vehicle distribution


Generate more traffic and leads at a lower cost

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We don’t just talk about it, we’ve already done it. Find out about some of the dealers we’ve helped so far.

Nissan Nordic Europe’s partnered with Modera Software, which led the company to become a true trailblazer in the European automotive sector, breaking barriers and shaping a new, bold future for the region

It wasn’t necessarily smooth sailing from the start, but by now, KIA Auto has been able to build a powerful dealer network thanks to an all-inclusive car sales software.

The Ukraine-based company has taken advantage of the smooth and seamless processes offered by the Modera's Salesfront product.

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© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.