Automotive website with integrated modules for any automotive company

Modera Webfront is a 100% automotive industry specific website building system. It is a cloud-based out of the box website content management system, built while taking into consideration all of the needs and processes of the automotive industry.

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  • On-site editing

    Solution provides a way to work with the content of websites through a convenient on-site editing interface. This allows editors to make changes to page content directly while viewing the website from the live site perspective.

  • Car configurator with finance calculator

    Car Configurator allows your clients to design and build a their next car.

  • Car comparison module

    Car Comparison module allows to compare multiple vehicles of your choice to help decide which car fits the needs.

  • New cars showroom

    Special page to present your cars to the finest detail - prices, specifications, available options, visuals and marketing collateral.

  • New and used cars listings

    A module to publish your stock and allow users to easily find their next car.

  • Accessories sales module

    Allow website visitors to find accessories and order accessories that fit their car.

  • Trade-in module “Value my car”

    A must have lead generation tool for dealer website.

  • Offers, campaigns and banners management

    Create and manage all type of promotional material - banners, special offers and campaigns.

  • News & events management

    Publish latest news, videos, brochures and manuals on the website.

  • Service booking form

    A comprehensive Online Booking Form that can be used for regular maintenance, repair of tyre change.

  • Test drive booking form

    Allow clients conveniently book a slot to service.

  • Custom forms builder

    Build various custom forms to generate more leads.

  • Company location & contacts management

    Easily manage all company data in one place: locations, departments, and employee contacts and images.

  • SEO management

    Includes all necessary tools for SEO management.

Why choose Modera Webfront to build your site?

Nowadays, online presence has become near mandatory in every industry, which means that creating a strong online presence for your business is the most important investment of today. The same rule applies for the automotive industry. However, simply building a website for your company without a proper structure or the correct elements and tools is not going to cut it. 

From a customer point of view, the most important factor is the customer experience. To give your customers the best possible experience, your website needs to have a proper structure and elements that make sense and are actually necessary. Building an automotive site with structure and elements meant for selling art and not cars, will undoubtedly cause your business more problems than be of actual benefit.

That’s why we have taken our more than 20 years of experience in the automotive world and developed a system for specifically building automotive websites. When it comes to eating soup, the best choice of cutlery is a spoon and not a fork or set of chopsticks. To build an automotive website for your company, the smart and most effective choice is the Modera Webfront solution.

To give you total confidence in us and our system, book a demo with us, so that we can show how well-structured and easy to manage your automotive website could be.


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    Kia's website

  • Image illustrating Hyundai's website

    Hyundai's website

  • Image illustrating Dacia's website

    Dacia's website

  • Image illustrating Renault's website

    Renault's website

  • Image illustrating Jeep's website

    Jeep's website

  • Image illustrating Mazda's website

    Mazda's website

  • Image illustrating Peugeot's website

    Peugeot's website

  • Image illustrating Nissan's website

    Nissan's website

  • Image illustrating Multibrand website

    Multibrand website

  • Image illustrating Toyota's website

    Toyota's website

Our Best Features

  • Built with automotive in mind

    Dedicated exclusively for the automotive industry to offer all the must-have features needed to improve car sales.

  • Built in car configurator

    There’s no need for further development, as our website platform includes a car configuration as a standard feature.

  • Mobile first experience

    60% of users visit websites using a mobile device. That's why our website platform is built to guarantee an excellent user experience on both mobile and desktop.

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