• Future proof

    Our customers enjoy the latest tehnology online matching their brand evolution

  • Responsive

    Our responsive technology ensures best possible user experience on any browsing device

  • Intuitive

    No training needed due to ease of use backed up with full online support

  • Consistent

    Allows managing freedom within the system for perfected content generation within set brand rules

  • Extendable

    Long list of universal and industry specific add-on applications

  • Compatible

    Plugs easily into your existing systems, Modera products and other standard systems

  • Number of brand consistancy mistakes
  • Administrator satisfaction
  • Number of product data related mistakes
  • Publishing volume
  • Search engine hits
  • Time required for content creation
  • Return on investment
  • Built in functionality for lead generation procedudes
  • Easy to use workflow engine for publishing management
  • Brand specific solutions available for resellers of international brands
  • No barriers of entry for content administrators with onsite editing functionalities
  • Built in search engine optimization tools
  • Brand consistancy assurance by layout editing functionality limited to approved CVI
  • Efficent change management functions for easy migration from one CVI to another

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