Cars trade in process made fast and precise

Evaluation is an integral part of used car sales flow. Our Trade In tool allows salespeople to capture each detail of the car and thus give the vehicle a quick market-based value estimation, taking all of the needed factors into consideration.

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  • Mobile & Desktop App

    Have access to Android & iOS apps to take pictures of the vehicle and create an offer. Use desktop backend for a full trade in car appraisal.

  • Equipment & Condition

    Speed up the trade in process, by choosing installed equipment from a predefined list, and capture the wear and tear of the car.

  • Photo Capabilities

    As images of trade in cars are an important part of the process, you can easily take them via your phone app in predefined order.

  • Damages

    Take photos of damages that might affect the trade in value, and help make the car appraisal more accurate.

  • Internal Chat

    Use built-in chat to discuss the details with your team.

  • Price Calculator

    Helps you to calculate the purchase price taking into consideration the market value, sales days, depreciation, etc.

  • Paperwork

    Reduce the time wasted on paperwork, by taking advantage of predefined templates that can be sent via email (purchase proposal, evaluation act, purchase agreement).

  • Notifications

    Automatic notifications will keep your team informed about the different stages of every trade in process.

  • Reports

    Get a complete overview of your team’s trade in process, measure your trade in volumes and find steps that could be improved in your processes.

  • Configurable Roles

    Multiple role configurations to match internal processes.

  • Integrations

    Possibility to capture vehicle details only by entering the vehicle registration number (contact us to check the availability in your region).


Why pick the Modera Trade In solution for used car sales?

Modera Trade In tool is developed specifically taking into consideration the perspective of the car salesperson, the sales manager, the appraiser and even the customer.

Let’s imagine that you are able to manage the whole car trade in process solely on your phone or tablet. Let’s imagine a way where you can quickly fill in all the needed information, take pictures of the car (even pinpoint damages that may affect the value of the car), all while having a look at the car with the customer by your side.

You can stop imagining now, because Modera Trade In offers all of those possibilities. On top of that, you can manage and go over the whole process on your computer later on with all the paperwork like the purchase offer, evaluation act, purchase agreement etc. already prepared.

With a built-in sales calculator you can quickly find the average market value, potential days until a sale, deprecation, desired profit margin and damage repairs.

Why waste time and energy when the Modera Trade in tool can make your car trade in process simple, fast and effective?



Getting started with Modera Trade In is easy. First, you need to figure out if you’d prefer monthly or annual payments. Our recommendation is to pick the annual payment plan as you’ll be able to save on two months of SaaS fees.

    104 /mo
    1040 /yr
    • 1 location, 3 users
    • Equipement & Condition capture
    • Photo capabilities
    • Internal chat
    • Car value calculator
    • Open API
    • Digital documents
    • Reports
    • Configurable user roles
    • Additional user: 25€/mo
    • Additional location: 55€/mo

Our Best Features

  • Less papers

    Significantly reduce paperwork regarding trade-in processes.

  • Transparency

    Have your whole team on top of every stage regarding the trade-in process

  • Improved process

    Be able to give a quick and precise evaluation of the condition of the car being purchased

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