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Detach your sales force from physical showrooms and double your sales conversion.

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Key Features

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    Manage and improve your daily tasks and routines

    Modera Salesfront is the most advanced automotive CRM that is specially developed for the automotive industry. This means that all of the redundant processes and functions have been removed and features needed to give automotive showrooms a single platform and system to work with are added.

    With Modera Salesfront you always have a total overview of incoming leads, upcomings tasks and activities, pending offers etc. Reminders help the sales team to pick up and complete tasks with ease, making the processes faster and more effective. Sales automation generates automatic follow-up tasks like upcoming test drives, offer follow-ups, vehicle handover etc. Upon completing the task, the lead or deal will be automatically moved to the next stage of the pipeline.

    All of these functions give sales managers a comprehensive overview of their team’s performance and help them understand the steps in every team member’s work that could need improving.

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    Easy and fast tool to create visually attractive offers

    With an easy to use offer creating tool you can put together an offer for your customers in just a couple of minutes. Forget about going through extensive lists and browsing ridiculously overloaded Excel files to find all of the extras you can or need to add to the offer. You can leave the unnecessary and time-consuming detective work behind as Modera offers you a solution which gives you all of the extras and accessories with prices right in your CRM. All that’s left to do for you is to simply add the right ones to the offer.

    Once you have finished putting the offer together, you can easily print it out or send it to your customer directly by email. With this solution, salespeople can save hours of their work time which can then be spent serving more customers.

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    Manage test drive bookings, permits, feedback etc. with only one tool

    Test drives are one of the most important parts of car sales. Losing customers’ feedback regarding test drives or wasting your valuable sales time switching between multiple systems and platforms just to handle the paperwork that test drives need, is not an effective way to approach this important step.

    Imagine an all-in-one solution that gives you a complete overview and control over your test drive cars fleet and process, while saving you a lot of valuable time.
    With the Modera test drive module you will be able to update the cars you have in stock for test drives and book test drives for customers with an exact overview of all the cars. That way you’ll know which cars and when are booked and when they’re available.

    Not to mention that you have the possibility of preparing a test drive permit, taking a photo of your customer´s drivers licence, digitally signing the permit, printing or sending the permit by email and saving the customer’s feedback regarding the test drive once it’s finished. With Modera, you only need one tool for a smooth and easy process.

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    Modern, simple and a visual price list management

    One of the most disturbing parts of a car sales process is the paperwork which takes away a lot of valuable time that could be spent dealing with more customers. The issue is mainly caused by the endless possibilities for extras and a variety of different models to choose from. Salespeople have to browse overwhelmingly extensive Excel files to find the necessary part and its price, add those to different systems and try to avoid any errors at all cost. Does this really seem like a way to go?

    We believe that in the world of digitization there really should be a better and more effective way to do things. That’s why with the Modera Salesfront product you can ditch the Excel sheets after you have added or synchronized all of your data on your CRM. Wouldn’t it be nice to manage your price lists, standard and optional equipment, accessories and technical data in one easy to use system?

    Since a picture tells more than a thousand words and our eyes buy first, why not have the option to see the exterior and interior images of all the cars on offer? Or even better – give your sales team the possibility to see the pictures of the accessories they are adding to the sales offers to make it even easier!

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    Used car sales made as easy as new car sales

    Modera used car sales tool allows you to easily access all the used cars in your dealership stock. Under the “Used car” tab you can quickly pick the best suited car for your customer filtering your search results by model, gearbox, fuel type or by using free text search.
    Create the offer and add all of the pre-configured extras in just a few minutes. To make the process even smoother you have the possibility to see all the history regarding previous offers on a specific vehicle, including discount offers that have been sent to customers in the past.

    Modera used car tool allows you to create an end-to-end sales flow with easy modeling and integrations to third party sales platforms.


Customers are looking for an adapted dealer role in a new multichannel landscape.

Modera covers all the steps.

  • Getting info

  • Look & feel

  • Test drive

  • Quote

  • Trade-in

  • Financing

  • Contract

  • Invoice

  • Handover


Why choose Modera Salesfront?

Modera is an all-in-one solution for your dealership that helps to solve most common problems that occur in the car sales field. If you are looking for ways to make your dealership more effective, reduce the time wasted on different processes that could be simplified or if you need a better understanding of your team’s weak points, Modera Salesfront is perfect for you. 


All features

  • Automotive Sales Contracts

    Save time and create standardized sales contracts from existing offers with ease.

  • Finance Calculator

    Help customers to conveniently explore their financing options.

  • Profit Calculator

    Helps you to keep business profitable.

  • Trade-In Evaluation

    Evaluate customer trade-in with precision and pictures.

  • Lead Management

    Fully integrated to your online & offline lead sources ensuring rapid response and best possible lead-to-sales conversion.

  • Automatic Reports

    Complete reporting for sales activities, volumes, and success rates - enable sales to succeed.

  • Digital Signature & Photo Capabilities

    Signing permits & contracts digitally on touchscreen and taking photos for easy linking to customer, trade-in details and sales activity.

  • API

    APIs allow 3rd party companies to integrate to Salesfront.

  • Automotive Mobile App

    Take your sales solution everywhere you go. The workflow can’t get more convenient than this.

  • Integrated Real Time Chat

    Improve your online service and engage with your website visitors in real time.

  • Pipeline Management

    Easily configurable advanced vehicle logistics management for dealership for following up orders/deliveries.

  • Multi Brand

    Manage all your brands in one solution.

  • Translation Tool

    Built-in tool to localize your Salesfront.

  • Sales Orders

    With the help of the invoicing module, it’s easy to create various types of invoices and track incoming payments.

Our Best Features

  • Best in class offer builder

    With Salesfront, our user can configure an offer for most complex car brands with ease.

  • Full sales process

    With Salesfront you can manage all your sales within one system

  • Multi brand

    Sell all your brands including used cars through one solution

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