Car technical inspection digitalized

Car technical inspection app is an alternative to the old ‘list-on-paper’ approach, where a used car is inspected by a mechanic before giving the customer a final purchase price. Instead of printing out the list, scanning the filled paper back to the system, and handling data manually in the system, you can simply automate and digitalize nearly every step of the process.

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Why use an inspection app?

  • Digitalization

    You can pre-populate checklists based on the car brand and use your phone's camera to capture photos of any defects or issues.

  • Increased team’s efficiency

    Reducing the time wasted on processes that can be automated helps to make your team more efficient and avoid mistakes.

  • Reduced costs

    By making the team more efficient and reducing the risk for human errors, the team has more time to focus on other aspects of the sales process.

  • Increased customer trust

    By showing your customers that the technical inspection process is trustworthy and comprehensive they can have a peace of mind knowing that the car they’re buying really is as advertised.

What to expect?

Technician inspection app is going to be a game-changer for every dealership as this helps dealerships complete inspections quickly and accurately.

Let us know if you would like to know more or test the new app out for yourself to see how it can help your dealership save time, money and increase efficiency.


Our Best Features

  • Increased efficiency

    Team has more time to focus on more important tasks

  • Customers trust

    Trustworthy and comprehensive inspection process increases customers trust towards your brand

  • Data management made easy

    Easy access and analyze option to make better informed decisions

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