Green ICT project updates

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    August 2020

    Project kick-off

    The project goal is to create a platform for buying/selling that will enable customers to define their mobility needs and to go through the whole selection process digitally. 

    All parties (vehicle dealers, banks, car registration institution, insurance providers and some government institutions) involved in the process will be integrated within the platform, maximizing the optimization in every customer touchpoint.

    When the project is finished, the customer will have the option to get environmentally best solution for mobility needs, and to take care of the whole purchasing process online. At the same time every participant in customer touchpoint will have a possibility to automate the process via AI/APIs or take care of the process fully digitally by using applications assisting them with the process.

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    January 2021

    Phase 1 update

    Accomplished milestones:

    • First prototype with stock browsing and filtering functionality
    • Salesfront plugin for Magento (publishing cars from Salesfront, vehicle data administration and publishing, customer and order synchronisation)
    • Core mockups produced for front end (inventory browsing, online sales assistance, comparison)
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    July 2021

    Phase 2 update

    Accomplished milestones:

    • Development of middleware to integrate customer facing UI to Magento platform
    • Checkout flow UI design and implementation (up-sell & cross sell, financing, trade-in, payment)
    • Integration to Braintree payment gateway (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, credit cards)
    • Insurance integration pre-study, API specification
    • Design of desktop and mobile responsive views and test drive booking flow
    • Implementation of UI refinements stage 1(landing view search widget, vehicle details and list pages, test drive booking)
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    In progress

    Phase 3 update

    Accomplished milestones:

    • Implementation of UI refinements stage 2 (mobile views, image gallery)
    • Insurance integration (First service provider)
    • Client authentication flow with personal account
    • Order status tracking
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    In progress

    Phase 4 updates

    Accomplished milestones:

    • Implementation of multi-dealer / dealer-group support
    • Live integration to Test drive calendar
    • Insurance integrations piloting
    • Modernized purchase process design
    • Widget implementation for embedding the shop on Dealer website
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    Phase 5 updates

    • Insurance integration development (LHV, EGO, IF)
    • Finance integration development
    • Service calendar and service booking
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    Phase 6 updates

    • Client authentication flow (additional channels)
    • Digital signing for sales documents
    • Order status tracking
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    Phase 7 updates