Holistic omni-channel ecommerce for automotive industry

The automotive retail landscape is undergoing a significant transformation. Customers have found it convenient to purchase vehicles online, but they still value the experience of visiting a physical showroom. As a result, there is a growing demand for a seamless transition between these two modes of buying.

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    CO2 savings thanks to a clean purchasing process

    Give back to Mother Earth with a platform that is designed to cover the full circle of online purchasing without the need for physical meetings and travel. Innovation Norway ICT government grant was used to develop a unique carbon neutral purchasing process.

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    Connect with your customers with a dynamic ecommerce presence

    While thinking green, make your business available 24/7 to meet the modern consumers’ expectations. In most areas, people’s shopping behavior has changed enormously but in the automotive world, the buying and selling process has remained pretty much the same for centuries.

    As customers have already gotten used to shopping online when it comes to most areas of their lives, more and more of them are looking to get their car purchasing process done online as well, instead of showing up to a physical showroom. Modera Ecommerce will help you give a holistic experience to your customers and offer you real time data to give you the best possible insight and analysis.

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    An above and beyond buying experience for your customers

    Ecommerce automotive solutions are actually nothing unheard of, as ecommerce has taken the leader seat in most industries during the past few years. But selling cars online is a whole different ball game than selling basic necessities.

    Modera Ecommerce was developed to give customers the best possible online car shopping experience they could ever wish for. Thanks to 20+ years of experience in the automotive industry, we can assure that even the smallest details that could make or break a customer’s online car shopping experience, have been fully thought through and perfected down to a T.

  • 70%

    of buyers would consider buying car online

  • 42%

    of global customers are ready to buy a car online

  • 33%

    of customers prefer buying cars online

  • Transparent experience, whether reserving a vehicle, direct purchase or applying for financing

  • Checkout process with payment processing.

  • Open for 24/7

  • Omnichannel checkout model, supporting your technical setup

  • Checkout customization based on your delivery/collection model

  • Fully integrated trade in appraisal process supported with mobile applications and automated proposals

Our Best Features

  • Holistic or modular approach

    Step by step digitalization possibility or full holistic ecommerce solution.

  • Dynamic checkout

    3 different checkout models with fully configurable checkout flow.

  • Runs on autopilot

    Low overhead and no need for manual work once ecommerce is running.

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