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London: Jamiroquai, the disco, funk and soul band now runs on Modera

London, UK ---- Jamiroquai, the disco, funk and soul band ( is to release its new website this week.

The site takes a new approach to the music business in that it delivers not only a comprehensive destination for all things Jamiroquai but also facilitates sharing and syndication via widgets and social networks. Content includes songs, video, event details, merchandise and artist resources.

Fans will be able to interact with Jamiroquai, enabling them to place popular widgets and Jamiroquai content on their own social networking and / or blog pages easily. The website employs new technologies, including calendar software Spongecell that allows updates on where the band is and what they’re doing. The software catalogues the bands journey from its arrival on the scene in the early 1990s to the present day.

The new website is driven by an e-commerce platform that enables fans to buy CDs, digital downloads, exclusive merchandise and receive up-to-the-minute information using RSS to distribute content, calendars and photos. The new Jamiroquai site was created by content management system (CMS) and software specialists Modera (

Jay Kay of Jamiroquai says, “The internet is shaping the future of music and I’m excited by the potential it offers artists. The new site takes advantage of the internet’s growing ability to connect and share more intimately with our fans. They are now more involved building and sharing what they wish from the content on our site, even creating content themselves to share with us and each other."

Neil Cartwright, founder of Million Media (, comments, ”The aim isn’t simply how many fans can we get to visit the artist’s website anymore. It’s about how we get the artist’s content on to theirs. employs many new Web 2.0 technologies to present fans with the features they now want and expect from an artist’s website. The strength of the site is Modera’s CMS, which provides us with full and complete flexibility in updating the fans with the latest Jamiroquai news. “

Siim Vips, CEO at Modera explains, “The site is extremely flexible and intuitive and embraces the social media culture that has been prolific of late. The site works in tandem with the bands profiles on MySpace, Virb, Netvibes, Imeem and a branded YouTube channel to name a few. All of Jamiroquai’s photography and imagery is available on the new site and is pulled from Flickr so fans can catch the latest snaps of the band at gigs and on tour.”