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Building a Facebook community

Facebook is growing daily and more and more businesses profit from its database of users, in some cases actually moving their web presence to Facebook altogether, abandoning classical websites.

Facebook offers three main tools for marketers: Groups, Fan Pages and Ads. Groups and Fan Pages are helpful for creating fan loyalty and letting them know first of new products and happenings.

While similar to Groups, Fan Pages offer better tools for generating Facebook PR:

1. You can design and build your own tab-based microsites within the network

2. It is easier to become a fan- users only have to click a button.

3. Facebook offers tools for feeding information about Fan Page events direct to your external website.

4. Fan Pages are indexed by Google.

5. Fan Pages have their separate statistics and user analytics

In order to promote your Fan Page, campaign and/or applications you can use Facebook Advertising – an inexpensive way to create very target pay-per-impression or pay-per-click campaigns.