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Filling the META description tag

Nowadays the spamming of META tags doesn’t deliver much in the way of improved performance in the SERPs, but filling them with meaningful content might help, if only to give the search engines extra information that helps them to work out the general theme of each page on your site.

Google uses the META description as the search result lead text if, for instance, only your company’s name is searched. So, having a nicely written description of your site looks much better than just an excerpt pulled together from links and footer text. Google will display around 160 characters (including spaces) in its search result, so you should aim for a description of around this length – which is just about right for summarising most web pages.

When writing your description tag, try not to simply repeat the text in the TITLE tag. Instead, try to write a meaningful description of what the page is actually about. You should find that your targetted keywords drop into this fairly naturally. If you can, try to include your primary keyword close to the start of the description text.

Modera example: