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Avoid frames at all costs

The birth of frames was an unfortunate accident in the development of the web. While the idea of pseudo-dynamic menus and headers was nice, in reality it killed document structures by slicing them up into unindexable pieces.

Every piece of framed page is a waste. Search engines see each frame as a separate page, and may struggle to work out the relationship between frames that are supposed to be part of the same browser window. Worse still, the main page that you would wish to optimize would consist of little more than the structural frame code and calls to the individual (and separate) HTML files for each frame – in other words, you’d be trying to get a good ranking for a page that had little real content of its own.

If you want frame-like effects, don’t forget that nowadays every major browser supports the CSS overflow value, which allows you to create scrollable boxes of content. And it's all only visual, coming from the stylesheet file and not altering the basic code and structure.