Why cutting-edge Automotive Website Solutions are necessary?

Why cutting-edge Automotive Website Solutions are necessary

In today’s extremely competitive industry, it is imperative that your car dealership has a cutting-edge dealership website that can attract customers and retain them as well. It could make the difference between a customer who is merely browsing and the one who wants to actually purchase a vehicle. So if your car dealership doesn’t have a website yet or its not meetind demands of todays customers expectations, it is time to start looking at various automotive website solutions.

Why is important to have automotive focused website system?

The ability to make a sale depends on how much of that time you capture online, and the experience you create for them, when customers visit your dealership website. It should be consistently updated to display the most up to date and accurate information about your dealership and your vehicle inventory. With so many consumers doing a large share of research on the Internet before they even walk into a dealership, an engaging automotive website can be the key to attract, engage, and convert your web visitors into buying customers. Most dealerships however, have some work to do in this category.

Apart from captivating visuals and clear, informative and high quality content, consumers will benefit from:

  • Full vehicle detail pages with photos and videos that explain features and specs.
  • Accurate pricing information.
  • Comparison guides that explain the differences between similar models.
  • Trade-in values and information so consumers can get an idea of their budget.

If your current dealership website is not marketing your business the way it should be, it might be time for a redesign. If you want your dealership to become a leader in sales and automobile marketing, an engaging automotive website is the best place to start.

The online experience in car buying process is more vital than ever

The online experience in car buying process is more vital than ever!

Retail lessons from businesses’ adjustments to the Covid-19 pandemic and related shutdowns have been complex and varied. And have included a focus on making sales with little or no physical contact. A good automotive website solution allows easy communication between dealership representatives and customers. As well as serving as a virtual showroom to get the buying process started. When this happens, the path to purchase changes into a more modern, efficient, customer-friendly approach!

For many years, the all-online car sale was not an option for shoppers, due to the need for processes such as F&I and paperwork to take place in person. This is changing too. The rise of cirtual F&I, accomplished through video chat meetings, has empowered many dealerships that have a sufficient technology integration and staff knowledge.

While this focus on online retail has seen its importance and urgency increase due to the Covid-19 crisis, it should not be mistaken for an emergency measure that will be forgotten when people feel safe congregating in public again. When customers can accomplish dealer interactions online, they reduce the time spent in the showroom. This, in turn, makes those customers feel less pressure, which boosts their experience. People who have positive car-buying experiences enabled by strong online resources may not just become buyers, but satisfied long-term customers who are happy to deal with your dealership for service and future purchases.

What is the best solution for dealership website?

To really stand out you need a website building system that is specific to the automotive industry. To make sure that this is accessible from everywere and everyone on your team, you need cloud-based website content management system that can help to build an incredible automotive website to boost sales and revenue. You can’t function without an online presence these days. Even if you have a dealership website, it must have a proper structure and the correct tools and elements.

Customer experience is of prime importance today. To ensure your customers have the best experience, the website has to be attractive, easy-to-navigate, and have compelling content.

This is where Modera Webfront comes in. To build an automotive website for your company, the smart and most effective choice is the Modera Webfront solution. It has the following features:

  • Editors can modify, add or remove content of pages directly while seeing the dealership website from the live site perspective.
  • Comparison of several vehicles so the customer can decide which one perfectly fits their requirements.
  • Clients can design and build their next car with the Car Configurator feature.
  • Create a virtual showroom to present the vehicles down to the finest detail, such as prices, specifications, available options, visuals and marketing collateral.
  • Publish inventory, keep it updated, and let visitors find their next vehicle with just a few clicks.
  • Similarly, visitors can find accessories and even order them for their vehicle.
  • Customers might want to get their vehicles valued for trade-ins, so this feature is available as well.
  • Clients can book convenient slots for test drives.
  • You can create and manage all type of promotional material – banners, special offers and campaigns. Keep customers updated about what is going on in the dealership with latest news.
  • Let customers schedule their service sessions online via a booking form.
  • Maintain all data in a centralized format.
  • Last but not the least; ensure that your dealership website is visible more via SEO tools.
What is the best solution for dealership website

Dealerships striving to remain relevant among changing market forces can strengthen their position through digital transformation. Automotive website solutions are some of the elements in that transformation and deserve focus. If it has been too long since your dealership revamped its site, this should be a priority. You should emerge from this process with a secure, easy-to-use site that allows customers to browse comfortably from any device and collects data that will improve their experience in the future. Modera Webfront is exactly what you need to accomplish this purpose!

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