The Importance of Omnichannel Approach in Automotive Retail

The Importance of Omnichannel Approach in Automotive Retail

The upward trend of online experiences has led to automotive retailers adopting omnichannel strategies, which is a combination of both online and offline techniques. Customers expect a smooth experience across all touchpoints, demanding consistent service. Many of them wish to complete the actual purchase by visiting the dealership facility, whilst the vast majority of the research and selection process is carried out online.

What are the benefits of omnichannel approach in automotive retailing?

Improved customer experience

Thanks to the omnichannel approach, you can cater to customer requirements regardless of their location, without their online and offline behavior existing in silos. It is immensely beneficial for the sales team – they get an understanding of what customers want when it comes to preferred models and makes, features, etc. so they don’t have to start from scratch after arriving at the showroom. Most of the research is being conducted online, so customers visiting the showroom are already nearing the purchasing stage. Thus, your team is only spending their time handling lucrative leads.

Thanks to online research, buyers are now more qualified and likely to make a purchase once they visit the dealership.

Streamlined operations

Be sure to centralize inventory management, so dealers can enjoy real-time visibility of stock across all sales channels, including brick-and-mortar showrooms, online platforms, and mobile apps. This real-time visibility reduces the risk of overstocking or stockouts, leading to more efficient inventory management. This way, customers have access to updated information at all times.

Better consumer appeal

Thanks to online research, buyers are now more qualified and likely to make a purchase once they visit the dealership. They are prepared to travel further for a specific make or model of a car, as they know what they want and have completed their checks online. That is why your dealership should have a functioning website with an updated inventory, high quality imagery and all the information a consumer needs to make a decision. It is vital for establishing a solid foundation for omnichannel success.

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Building rapport with customers

Customers value the level of support and service experience they receive. It is necessary to tailor your team’s mindset from sales-driven towards experience-driven, so that they nurture the relationship with customers even after the sale is complete. Omnichannel automotive engagement is a great way to keep in touch with customers and ensure convenience, whilst helping to build your relationship over time and increase brand loyalty. For instance, you can have referral programs, where customers get discounts when they bring in their vehicle for servicing. There are also loyalty programs, where customers sign up to get rewards and product offers.

More sales opportunities

The omnichannel approach provides multiple touchpoints for customers to engage with your brand. As a dealership, you are no longer restricted to geographical constraints – you can tap into new markets and communicate with customers, which wasn’t accessible through a traditional single-channel approach. You get a comprehensive view of customer data from several channels, which provide the opportunity for upselling and cross-selling. For instance, if a customer shows interest in a particular car model online, your sales team can offer additional accessories or upgrade packages during the in-person interaction when the customer visits your showroom.

If dealerships wish to stay on top of their game, an omnichannel approach is a must. It grants more control, flexibility, and an enhanced experience to the customer, as they transition between different channels till they make up their mind. This type of strategy even saves valuable time and effort, thus boosting the efficiency of your sales team. Modera’s CRM software helps to manage customer interactions seamlessly, while breaking down the barriers between physical and digital worlds. It assists in following up leads, communication with dealers, customers, and manufacturers, and developing long-term rapport with customers post-sales!

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