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Saving Time and the Environment with Digital Signing

November 30, 2022
Saving Time and the Environment with Digital Signing

In our quest to make car sales simpler, faster and more convenient for all parties involved, Modera has eliminated unnecessary paperwork and redundant trips to the dealership by including the option of digital signing in the sales process. Not only does digital signing significantly help reduce the time customers spend on visiting dealerships only to sign contracts, but it’s also a huge step in making the entire process more sustainable by reducing excessive paperwork and carbon emissions related to closing a single sale. 

This time we’re taking a look at how you can incorporate digital signing to your sales process, what kind of e-signing options you can make use of, and how you can speed up and simplify car sales for your business.

incorporate digital signing to your sales process

Embracing digital

Although these past few years have pushed most industries to embrace the world of digital and consider their part in helping our planet, there are still some simple steps a lot of companies have not taken to reduce their carbon footprint. One of which comes in the form of a digital signature.

Modera Software provides all of its clients with the possibility to use digital signing when it comes to any kind of contracts related to the car sales process. Although digital signing is far from being considered a novelty in many digitally advanced countries, it is still a somewhat foreign concept in many markets. What is more, the entire automotive sector still has a long way to go and a lot to learn when it comes to digital signing. 

Making sales more sustainable

With our software, you give your customers the option to ditch unnecessary commutes to the dealership or showroom only to sign one of the many contracts involved in car sales. Modera allows various options for customers to sign contracts digitally without having to leave the comfort of their home. You can send all necessary paperwork and information to our customers via email and they can send it back once they’ve added their e-signature. 

Implementing digital signing to your sales process (1)

Nowadays, there’s a number of options to sign documents digitally. Our customers can use Mobile-ID or Smart-ID to add their signature, or make use of one of the many digital signing platforms that allow users to add their signature on the dotted line.

When customers come to take a test drive, they can add their signature on all relevant documents simply by using their finger or a special digital pen on the screen of a tablet. This eliminates the need for your salespeople to print out all necessary paperwork and reduces the risk of losing contracts under a pile of physical papers. When it comes to our template-based contracts we’ve discussed previously, you can download the pre-filled contracts from the system and send them to your customers via email for signing. 

In summary

Implementing digital signing to your sales process will make the entire process a much faster, smoother and more enjoyable process for both you and your customers. Not to mention the significant decrease of carbon emissions and paper waste related to a single car purchase. If you want to make your car sales simpler and more environmentally friendly, give Modera software a go.