Modera - Making Car Sales Cleaner!

March 11, 2021
Making Car Sales Cleaner

Car dealers and distributors will soon have the opportunity to eliminate ⅔ of CO2-emissions from their car sales with the help of Modera Software. The technology and products of the platform make it possible for the customers to go through the majority of car buying processes online. This means reducing the need to come to a physical dealership for paperwork or car showings etc. by up to 60%.

It is the car manufacturers’ responsibility to reduce the amount of CO2-emissions coming from producing cars as well as from the actual vehicles on the roads. Modera will take care of bringing the CO2-emission levels as low as possible when it comes to car sales.

How will we do it? We are reducing the need for customers to come to the physical showroom by up to 60%. For example, when using Modera Software a customer can configure their car on the website and an enquiry will automatically pop up on the digital desk of a salesman. From there on, the rest of the process will also be carried out digitally. Even when making a trade-in purchase there is no need to actually visit the dealership – it can be done by using Modera Trade in solution.

With the help of Modera software buying a car could only require two visits to the dealership – the first to actually see and feel the car and take it for a test drive; the second one to pick it up. This is about 5-6 visits less than now!