Merge the Entire Online and Offline Car Buying Selling Process into a Single Workflow

Merge the Entire Online and Offline Car Buying Selling Process into a Single Workflow

Technology is evolving every day, and it is imperative to keep up pace, especially when it comes to the automotive industry. The need to combine offline data with online data is imperative when it comes to selling cars, so it can be used to reach the right consumers at the right time. However, it isn’t that simple – auto dealerships have to invest in the proper technology and implement a digital transformation policy, while identifying the required skillset to maintain these new systems.

This time we’re looking at some ways to combine the online and offline automotive experience into a single, smooth and enjoyable ride.

Know what customers want

The very first step to merging online and offline sales channels is to understand what customers want. You have to stay updated with their preferences, requirements, and purchasing behavior. You can use data from the dealership website (having a functional, easy-to-navigate website is a must), social media, email, CRM (customer relationship management) software, to keep tabs on customer profiles and segments. It aids in tailoring marketing efforts and services to each customer group and personalizing their experience across different channels. For instance, you can send targeted offers and recommendations depending on browsing and purchase history, or allow them to book test drives online or in-store. 

Your dealership and showroom are not just places to sell cars, but places to engage with customers

Improve the in-person experience

Your dealership and showroom are not just places to sell cars, but also provide the opportunity to engage with customers. Be sure to enhance the in-store experience with the help of advanced technology like digital signage, self-checkout, or mobile apps to provide more information, convenience, and interactivity. Elaborate training has to be provided to staff, so they can be knowledgeable, helpful, and friendly towards customers. Encourage using devices at your dealership, such as tablets or smartphones, to access customer data and offer personalized assistance. You have to create a consistent and appealing brand image across your online and offline channels. You can achieve this by using the same colors, logos, messages, and content.

Utilize data at your disposal

To merge online and offline channels, they have to be connected through a unified platform that can track customer interactions, inventory, and other parameters across channels. Thus, you can provide a seamless customer experience, while optimizing operations and inventory management.

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A data management and analytics platform is a must. OEM/vehicle distributors can distribute vehicles in the market, while providing dealers with updated product and market information. It can also be used for collecting sales metrics in real-time. This is where Modera Importer plays an important role by establishing a connection between each and every aspect of the car sales process. Parties with access to the system can zero in on the pain points, analyze data, and supervise the entire process. This is a cloud-based tool for selling and delivering vehicles, while useful data is available at a centralized dashboard.

Keep an eye on performance

It is imperative to measure performance on a regular basis to identify areas for improvement. Use metrics such as customer satisfaction, retention, loyalty, lifetime value, conversion rate, average order value, and omni-channel revenue. Using these aspects can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your omni-channel strategy. Make sure you collect feedback from customers and staff, and also monitor competitors and market trends – it gives an idea of what works and what doesn’t, so you can adjust your strategy accordingly.

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