How to Simplify Dealer Network Management?

How to Simplify Dealer Network Management

It is 2022, and with the advent of technology, the process of selling cars has become more convenient than before for manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. However, for manufacturers across various industry verticals and sizes, it is an on-going struggle to ensure that their distributor network works seamlessly. Many of them still use older systems, while sticking to manual, paper-based transactions with their distributors. Even dealers face a serious problem as they have no idea how to map performance, get access to real-time information, and so on.

Why is dealer network management necessary?

There are various that crop up in the absence of a central management system for dealer networks. Take a look:

  • Sales order management becomes messy and disorganized.
  • There are no insights into dealer performance.
  • Inventory management goes out of hand.
  • There is no insight into demand fluctuation and market trends.

But with the right software, it is possible to create one central management system that gives a total overview of the car sales process. It keeps the dealer network lean and agile, while driving a transformation in distributor management with, real-time updates, an optimized supply chain, and less dependency on manual efforts. To sum up, dealer network management is crucial for businesses to track and manage dealer activities and their performance. It keeps tabs on leads of order requests, while streamlining end-to-end processes such as dealer identification, dealer onboarding, and order collection.

What are the benefits of dealer network management software?

This software lets manufacturers and vehicle distributors to distribute their vehicles on the market, while providing dealers with most recent product and marketing data and collating real time sales metrics.

1) Dealer visualization

It maps existing data for certain locations, cities, zones, etc. and cross-references it with data including distribution channel network, stores, branches, revenue generated by channels, and more. Thus, it can identify present and potential dealers that might qualify as channel partners.

2) Manage orders seamlessly

Manufacturers play an integral role in simplifying the tedious order management process, by giving distributors a solution to manage orders. Distributors can use the platform to change and update orders in just a few clicks, while manufacturers get a clear idea of the orders coming in and any changes thereof.  Thus, it helps dealers get complete visibility into primary and secondary stock and secondary sales.

3) Storing data and information

This software allows the handling of most complex automotive data. Distributors get a digital interface, while manufacturers can optimize the flow of information between both parties sans any hurdles. Order related planning and upgrades can be updated in real-time, so dealers have no trouble accessing those.  Visual data and marketing content is recorded in a central place, which saves a lot of time and effort.

with the right software, it is possible to create one central management system that gives a total overview of the car sales process

4) Managing inventory

An automated solution lets you plan inventory more efficiently, which is why you require an online importer stock solution. A clear insight into the inventory helps to plan better regarding orders. If you have a better inventory churn ratio, you can achieve quicker turnover. For manufacturers, this helps in better production planning. The best part is that distributors can update their inventory without any intervention, which gives them more time to focus on crucial business aspects. It means dealers can manage the complete vehicle pipeline, starting from ordering the car to delivery, share free stock with the network, book car reservations, and facilitate online ordering.

5) Managing returns

When done manually, distributors can’t track returns easily, because they don’t have visibility of the current status of each order returns in real-time. Due to this lack of visibility, stock isn’t updated, and returns aren’t credited to the dealer account on time. With an automated solution, return management becomes easy for the distributors. If there are any claims to be raised for return or cancellation, it can be done immediately through a mobile app, without delaying it any further. This ensures the stock is replaced or replenished in time so that the supply chain remains unaffected.

6) Gather real-time data

This software helps manufacturers, as well as distributors and dealers, get access to real-time order updates. As mentioned, journeys can be tracked in real-time, so engagement in the buying process can be improved. If there are delays, cancellations, or vital updates, they are conveyed in a timely manner, without any lag. You get better insights into market trends, and can make smart business decisions.

Dealer management software allows the handling of most complex automotive data

7) Competitive pricing

By giving distributors a system to offer dynamic pricing to dealers, manufacturers can help roll out targeted schemes. An automated solution can capture numerous data points related to distributors as well as the retailer demographics and buying behavior. Thus, dealers and manufacturers are able to forecast the right demand and make manufacturing plans in accordance, while deciding upon the ideal pricing model.

Full overview              

Lastly, you gain full control over every aspect of your automotive business. You get 100% visibility of the sales activities of your retail network, while monitoring every step of the customer journey.

Dealer network management benefits include hassle-free process to find new channel partners, along with faster and smoother onboarding process for distributors, franchises, and dealers. It even minimizes overlap with other dealers in the network, while ensuring clearer visibility into dealer performance, so future business strategies can be developed. Last but not the least, it optimizes the supply chain, so right stock levels are maintained, and optimal use of distributors’ warehouse space is ensured.

Be sure to request a demo of Modera Importer for your dealer network management software needs.

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