How to Save Time and Avoid Errors When Drafting Offers?

As any car dealership personnel knows, drafting and sending out offers to potential buyers is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks salespeople have to deal with on a daily basis. Luckily, there’s now an easier way to get those negotiations started, without having to spend hours going through an endless amount of channels, systems and Excel files only to click that “send” button once. This time we’re taking a closer look at how your dealership can put together and send out detailed and professional looking offers in no time, all whilst significantly reducing the risk of any human errors or discrepancies slipping in. 

avoid errors when drafting offers

Created with Automotive in Mind

Looking to simplify the entire car sales process from start to finish, Modera has developed a system specifically meant for the automotive industry to make the mundane task of drafting offers as fast, easy and accurate as possible. The innovative approach connects all relevant information from various different channels into one unified system, whilst taking into consideration each important detail and aspect of the offer. 

Being the first module developed for the expansive system, Modera made sure the offer module served its purpose of making the process of creating offers as simple and fast as possible. The offers created with the help of Modera are extremely informative and detailed. They include a trade-in section, information about both the standard and all additional equipment, finance simulation, insurance information, technical data etc. Without the support of an all-inclusive system like Modera’s, most salespeople would simply omit most of the aforementioned information, as putting all of it together would be way too complicated and time-consuming. With Modera, all relevant information will be gathered straight from the system and drafted into one informative and easy-to-follow offer. 

Since putting an offer together this way takes barely any time, salespeople will be able to send out a lot more offers, which, in turn, will undoubtedly help increase both sales and conversions at the dealership. 

Personalized and Detailed Offers in no Time

Modera helps to make putting together an offer as easy as possible for the salesperson – choose the right car, select the client, et voilà – the offer has been created in the system. What sets this system apart from others, is also the fact that you can upload relevant images. This makes it easy to showcase the configured car to the customer exactly the way the end product would look. You can make an offer on a car that’s already available in stock or select the right one from the price list. In case a specific car is currently not in stock, the system will recommend a similar alternative (e.g. in a different color) that is available, so if the client wants to get their new set of wheels as soon as possible, they can go for the second option and not have to wait for the car to arrive from the factory. 

how to make car offer simple

The process starts off with choosing the preferred brand and model from the system. Then, it’s time to start configuring a specific offer – pick the right colors for both the exterior and interior, add additional equipment, etc. Modera saves you from the tedious task of going through endless Excel files to see which parts have to go together. The system will show you all the parts that are connected to each other, so when choosing additional equipment you’ll know straight away all of the parts have to be selected. This way, all of the extras will come as a set and you don’t have to worry about forgetting anything. 

In case a client wants to swap their existing vehicle, you can add a trade-in section to the offer, letting the client know the exact amount they could get for their current vehicle. There’s also a financial simulator included in the system, making it easy to calculate the monthly fee the client would have to pay for financing. As insurance plays a big part in any car purchase process, Modera has made it quick and easy for salespeople to add an insurance offer as well. Just fill in your customer’s information and you’ll get an insurance offer right away. This saves the sales staff a lot of valuable time, as they don’t have to wait hours or even days to get an offer from an insurance provider. 

digital system for automotive offers

Easy Sending and Saving

Once the final offer has been put together, it can easily be sent to the client via email straight from the system. You can add additional notes and remarks before hitting “send”. The offers can be customized to fit your brand. You can add your logo, information about any ongoing deals and promotions etc.

All of the offers are saved and stored in the system, so it’s easy to access the entire offer history at any time. On top of that, the system will automatically create follow-up reminders, so sales people will know when to contact the customers to make sure they’re happy with everything. Once the customer has accepted the offer, the final contract will be drafted accordingly. 

Using Modera’s easy-to-use system to put together and send out offers will help you save valuable time for your dealership. And since the process is much faster compared to alternative ways, your salespeople will be able to send out a lot more offers every day, and thus increase your sales and revenue. 

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