How Modera Is Simplifying Car Sales with Template-Based Contracts

How Modera Is Simplifying Car Sales with Template-Based Contracts

Modera Ltd was created with the intention to simplify the extremely complicated car sales process for both the dealer side as well as for the customer. Since the spark of the idea of turning automotive processes digital back in 2009 and introducing our Digital Sales Platform in 2014, the world has truly gone through a digital transformation pushing us to develop our solutions further. We are constantly striving to update and upgrade our services to deliver a seamless and enjoyable experience for both parties of a vehicle purchase process. 

On top of ensuring a better and more reliable customer experience, the past decade has seen the entire automotive industry take a green turn and come up with more sustainable and eco-friendly solutions. We, at Modera, take our commitment to sustainability very seriously and are driven by the goal of helping our clients reduce their carbon footprint, whilst making the entire industry more environmentally friendly. 

This time we’re looking at one of the easiest options Modera is offering its clients to make the entire car sales process faster, easier and more reliable for both parties, whilst setting the printer to the side and opting for a more sustainable approach.

Saving time with template-based contracts

When it comes to selling cars, it’s no secret there tends to be more paperwork involved than anyone could care to count. From presenting documents related to test drives to sending offers with payment options and insurance details – you could probably pull together an average book-worth of contracts just from selling a single car. However, a car sales process doesn’t actually have to include hours upon hours of tedious paperwork, trying to draft every single contract as though it needs to be a handcrafted and highly original DIY project. With Modera’s template-based contacts, clients can save valuable time, whilst significantly reducing the risk of any human errors and discrepancies resulting in the loss of customers’ trust.

Make your selection

Knowing that a car sales process includes a lot of staple contracts from initial offers to upsell etc., Modera offers a wide range of fully customizable template-based contracts that you can share with your customers without spending countless hours on pulling them together and going through endless complex systems and Excel sheets trying to make sure no mistakes have slipped in. Our clients have incorporated anywhere from four of their most basic contracts to 20 easy-to-use contract templates to their sales processes, allowing them to reduce the time it takes to pull together offers, handover and delivery documents etc.

simplify the extremely complicated car sales process

Realizing your vision

As mentioned, Modera’s document templates are fully customizable. This means you can share all the information you want to include in a specific contract with us, and we will create a template which you can use for years to come. You can opt for a simple email giving your customers the most basic must-know information, or use each point of contact as an opportunity to increase your sales and customer retention. Why not showcase some accessories your customers might want to add to their vehicle, include helpful information about insurance options or details on your upcoming sales campaign? By using templates, you can ensure your sales team won’t forget to add important details and everything you’d like to communicate to your customers is shared in each communicational piece.

Reducing the risk for errors

On top of being able to rest assured all campaign, promotion and upsell information is included, one of the most important aspects of using our template-based contracts is the fact that you don’t have to worry about human errors. Once the templates are in our system, each template gets filled automatically, pulling all the necessary information from the system and thus ensuring there’s no room left for errors. As contract templates get filled in via the information available in the system, you don’t have to worry about any discrepancies in the information communicated to your customers. Another great part of these contracts is the fact that all contracts are saved in the system, allowing you to check the information you’ve sent to a specific customer at any point in time and follow up on the contractual history you have with them.

What is more, using template-based contracts allows you to make sure all of your documents and communications are professional and follow your brand guidelines and tone of voice. You can add logos, use your desired formats and much more. This will help ensure all of your contracts represent your company in the best and most professional way. And since all of your contract templates are easily available in our system, you can scrap the unnecessary paperwork, do your part for the environment by ditching that printer, and send contracts to your customers’ emails straight from the system. 

template-based contract helps car sales

In conclusion

By opting for Modera’s template-based contracts, you are ensuring that your customers get to experience a truly seamless and enjoyable purchase process. In turn, you will increase your customer retention and brand recognition.

On top of that, your salespeople will save valuable time by using template-based contracts and won’t have to worry about any errors finding their way into any important documents. 

If you want to stay ahead of the game and make sure that your team, customers and environment are happy, it’s time to embrace digital.

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© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.