How can I improve the dealership’s customer service?

how to improve customer service
Find our suggestions how to improve customer service in your dealership

Are you a car dealership looking to improve customer service game? If so, then you’re in the right place. Every customer experience is an opportunity to make a lasting impression and establish a loyal customer base. This, in turn, will help boost your business.

Delivering an exceptional experience is no small feat, and one of the key components is providing stellar customer service. Your team’s approach can determine if customers come back or not. But how can you ensure your car dealership’s customer service stands out? We’ve got some expert tips and tricks on how to improve dealership customer service!

Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty

Excellent customer service is essential for any car dealership. You want your customers to feel valued and appreciated. Once you establish that, you can be sure your customers will keep coming back.

There are several strategies that you can use to foster customer loyalty:

Rewards programs: Consider setting up a rewards program that incentivizes customers to spend more money at your dealership. This could be a loyalty program, where customers earn points with every purchase and can redeem them as discounts or other rewards.

Automated follow-ups: Automated follow-ups allow you to stay in touch with customers by sending them automated messages or emails after they make a purchase. This keeps your dealership at the top of their mind, while also making sure they have all the information they need regarding their purchase. Opt for a high-quality CRM system like Modera’s, to make sure none of these important check-ins are forgotten.

Personalized service: Offering personalized services it means you care about your customers’ experience and satisfaction. To enhance your personalized services, take the feedback from surveys and previous customers into consideration when changing your processes.  

1. Invest in Video Marketing

In the automotive industry, customers will inevitably have questions and concerns throughout the purchase process. This is the time when your team and stellar strategy come into play.

According to reports, 25% of these confusions can easily be resolved with the help of a video.

Your service departments could create videos which help to educate your customers about the different aspects of car dealerships, or different challenges customers might face throughout the process.

The best way is to create easily digestible video content and market it to your customers. This will also improve the overall customer satisfaction of your dealership.

Through video marketing, your team can educate your customers to cut down on partitions while explaining certain topics and improving profits and productivity all at the same time.

improve customer journey
Through improving customer journey you can improve dealership customer experience

2. Simplify Your Sales Process

As much as buying a car is a fantastic experience, it’s also full of anxiety. To ease the stress, it’s your job to make the sales process as simple as possible. How? You first have to think like your customers. As a car buyer, there are a million things in your head. Consider questions like ‘what should be my budget?’, ‘which car is the perfect fit for me?’ etc. To lessen those worries, your sales processes need to be simple and easily understandable for your customers. First step of this is ensuring you have a high-quality and user friendly website.

You need to make sure that what your customer is seeing is worth their time. From the time  of identification to the moment of purchase, the entire journey needs to be as fast and straightforward as possible.

3. Provide Advice to your Customer

Providing advice to your customers is another way to improve dealership’s customer service. Most customers haven’t decided on what car they want to buy when visiting a dealership. Educating potential customers on the different cars you have available can go a long way to ease their anxiety. You have to share your opinion, because as an expert, your advice is worth considering for them.

4. Shorten the Sales Process

The majority of customers are not happy with a process that takes too long for them to get from point A to point B.

To improve your dealership customer service you have to do anything to shorten the sales process and provide exceptional value.

These are some ways to shorten the sale process

·       Online forms

·       Allowing customers to schedule test drives through an online channel

·       Having high-speed internet in your dealership

·       Using digital technology

improve customer retention
If you want your dealership giving extraordinary customer experience, then its start to provide extraordinary customer service.


As most car dealerships are moving online, the overall customer experience should not suffer, but better. Fact is, that if you don’t give your customers an easy, comfortable, and welcoming experience you’re bound to lose them. Providing extraordinary service is the best way to improve your customer retention. At the end of the day, the customer experience itself is what will determine the customer’s opinion of your dealership.

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