How Auto-Impex Increased Conversions and Revenue by Implementing a Car Dealership CRM

How Auto-Impex Increased Conversions and Revenue by Implementing a Car Dealership CRM

This time we’re taking a look at how implementing our car dealership CRM software enabled Auto-Impex to to make their salespeople work more efficiently, whilst improving their customer experience and upping their lead conversions and revenue.

It’s time to get your pen and paper, because you’ll want to take notes of this inspiring success story Auto-Impex has enjoyed since adding various Modera solutions to their sales processes.

Quick facts

  • Who? Auto-Impex
  • What? Car dealer and service provider
  • Where? Slovakia
  • Service? Sales of Fiat, Nissan, Abarth, GT-R and Iveco vehicles, parts, and accessories. Car repair and maintenance services.

Looking for a few repairs

As many car dealerships, Auto-Impex was struggling to ensure high-quality, time-efficient processes in the ever-changing fast-paced market. Taking care of a number of leads coming in from different channels while drafting accurate and detailed offers was proving to be a challenge, as there was a lack of consistent and synchronized data that would be accessible for all involved parties.

car dealerships struggling with fast paced market

With leads coming in through various platforms and no specific way to evaluate them, there was a definite risk of losing out on valuable conversions, as salespeople were missing an easy and quick way to manage and respond to leads. On average, 8 to 11 offers were sent out on a weekly basis, which was not enough when compared to the amount of incoming leads. Even when those offers went out, there was a risk this offer wouldn’t be communicated to all salespeople and the customer might end up with mixed information regarding the price of the vehicle.

Another challenge Auto-Impex was facing was the ability to have an accurate real-time overview of the stock. The made things more difficult for the salespeople who were lacking a unison platform where they could find trustworthy information regarding the inventory.

It was clear some changes needed to happen at Auto-Impex in order to analyse the ongoing sales processes, receive an accurate overview of sales and service activities, point out and fix any bottlenecks in the system and thus increase the efficiency and revenue of the dealership.

An anticipated upgrade

Auto-Impex realized they needed a high-quality CRM system to be able to take care of the incoming leads, deal with them in a timely and structured manner, and get on top of the sales process to start improving it. They knew a one-size-fits-all kid of solution was not for them, since they were looking for a more car dealership oriented system.

Automotive implement crm

After some deliberation, they decided to give Modera Software a go, as it was created specifically for the automotive industry. It seemed like a perfect match, because Modera offered solutions to cover all of their needs – manage leads, synchronize data, analyse the efficiency of salespeople and processes, as well as help draft offers with ease. Not only was the system a big upgrade for the salespeople and the dealership as a whole, it was guaranteed to create a more transparent and user-friendly customer experience as well.

Auto-Impex decided to implement the Modera Salesfront and Trade-In solutions to their dealership processes.

Multiplying offers and increasing revenue

According to Peter Hron, Managing Director at Auto-Impex, it didn’t take long to see the significant improvements implementing the Modera solutions brought about.

Sales team increased number of offers

The salespeople were making the most of the functionalities of the new system. Thanks to the possibility to easily create template-based, professional looking offers while keeping a consistent brand voice throughout client communications, the Auto-Impex sales team was able to increase the number of offers from 8-11 offers per week to 40 offers. They were able to cut the time spent on drafting offers by 90%, making it easier and more convenient to respond to many more incoming leads and thus increasing conversions.

It didn’t take long to see the significant improvements implementing the Modera solutions brought about

Peter Hron

With predefined templates displaying ongoing offers and promotions, salespeople no longer needed to worry about adding that information to their offers. Meanwhile, customers were notified of these promotions on accessories, services, maintenance etc. which resulted in Auto-Impex increasing their average income from 4% up to 10% and upping the sales of accessories by 38%.

An important aspect for the company was the ability to not only lose incoming leads, but also be able to prioritize them by quality and deal with them in a timely manner. With the Salesfront product implementation the sales team was now able to access all leads from different channels on one platform and gained the ability to evaluate the leads by their quality. This made staying on top and responding to high-quality hot leads within a few hours much easier. Auto-Impax was able to multiply their lead conversion rate and create a more satisfying customer experience. On top of that, the ability to evaluate leads gave the dealership a more detailed understanding of how, where and to whom their advertising should be targeted for maximum outcome.

Nurturing leads and increasing conversion

Guaranteed transparency and personalization

One of the main concerns for any dealership is creating a transparent and market-based pricing, while making sure the company is making a profit and salespeople are always aware of any offers made to the customers. With the help of Modera, Auto-Impex was able to set up fixed prices and margins on its stock, guaranteeing the desired profit on vehicles. This turned Auto-Impex to a one-price dealership, ensuring customers they can trust the price they’ve been given. Salespeople were no longer negotiating the price point, but actually selling the car on its values and functionalities.

This also helped take out the manual calculations, guesswork and unnecessary room for errors when it came to drafting offers. Templates provided the salespeople with detailed offers not only on the price of the vehicle, but gave them the chance to communicate the price of accessories, financing and warranty offers and extended service contracts to the customers.

On top of that, Modera platform enables adding real-life photos of cars to each vehicle. These images can then be published on all platforms, making it easy for customers to get a better sense of the car they’re interested in and help build the emotion around the purchase.

Auto-Impex increased their average income from 4% up to 10% and upped the sales of accessories by 38%

What really helped increase the efficiency at Auto-Impex, was the ability to have all information regarding the stock, sales pipelines, offers etc. in one place. There was no longer a need to manually create confusing Excel files leaving a ton of room for errors. Everyone involved with the process from the dealer side could easily access all the necessary information. Even booking and evaluating test drives is easily done online when using Modera products. This provides both the managers and salespeople the feedback on how a test drive went and what aspects of the entire sales process should to be improved on.

Once it’s actually time to close the sale, all the necessary documents are already there, ready to be sent to the customer.

No information lost in translation

As Auto-Impex also offers trade-in service to its customers, it was imperative they found a way to make sure they’re offers were always fair and transparent. With Modera they were able to integrate their systems with third party platforms ready to give honest evaluations for used cars and advise on the relevant prices on the market. This helped build customer trust, as they could be sure they always got a fair offer on their vehicles.

Another aspect that’s helped Auto-Impex build an effective system that both the customers and the salespeople an trust, is the synchronizing between platforms that’s enabled by Modera. Once a car is sold, it is automatically taken down from all sites that advertised said vehicle. This helps avoid any misinformed communication and salespeople can save time, as they know all the stock information available to them is always correct and up to date.

multiply lead conversion rate

According to Peter Hron, Auto-Impex has truly enjoyed significant improvements on all fronts since implementing the Modera Software solutions. The sales team is working more efficiently, being able to send out more offers, while nurturing leads and increasing conversions. The sales process is a structured and automated system that takes away the unnecessary manual work and helps create a quick and trust-worthy customer experience. Auto-Impex has saved money on marketing as it is now more targeted and thus much more efficient.

Auto-Impex has truly enjoyed significant improvements on all fronts since implementing the Modera Software solutions

Peter Hron

Not only has the company enjoyed a much more reliable system, they’ve also been able to icrease their income and revenue and are making the most of all the opportunities Modera solutions have provided them with.

Services implemented in this car dealership CRM case study:

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