Enhance Customer Experience on Automotive Websites

Enhance Customer Experience on Automotive Websites

Nowadays, it is all about the customer experience, which is the driving force behind all businesses. You have to deliver hassle-free service, while providing access to useful information. That is why both car manufacturers and dealers have to focus on improving the customer experience, when prospective buyers visit their automotive website.

Customer experience is what matters

As per a survey from Qualtrix, 8 out of 10 people feel customer experience should be improved across products, prices and fees, customer service, and ease of usage. Brands could lose up to 9.5% of their revenue on average due to poor customer experience. More than 50% of customers state that they would leave a brand if the experience wasn’t up to the mark.

If an automotive website is clunky, takes time to load, hard to navigate, or outdated, it will only take a few seconds for customers to leave. To retain existing customers and attract potential buyers, it is imperative to optimize your website experience. It is the key to generating new revenue and word-of-mouth recommendations. This is where Modera Webfront plays a crucial role.

What is Modera Webfront?

To put it in a nutshell, Modera Webfront is specifically designed for building automotive websites. It is a cloud-based system aimed at managing automotive-related content, with integrated tools and features that incorporate the needs and processes of the industry. Regardless of whether you are a dealer or manufacturer, a solution like this is something that’s vital for your business. If you have multiple websites, you can consolidate and manage them from a single centralized dashboard. It ensures that every automotive website under your purview aligns with your brand objectives. Thanks to centralized data management, websites can be grouped according to brand, country, or any other criteria. Any changes or updates can be made on all websites simultaneously. 

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The features your website needs

Edit conveniently

It presents users with a simple, on-site edit interface, so you can upload, modify, or remove content at leisure. Changes can be made directly while you view the website from the live site perspective.

Manage SEO

It is extremely important to have a strong online presence and prominent visibility, which can be achieved with proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. Webfront is integrated with SEO tools for this purpose.

Compare and calculate finance

Customers can check out website inventory to compare makes, models, specs, etc. side by side, to make an informed decision as to which vehicle is best suited for their requirements. They can use the Car Configurator to design and build their dream car. To help them with financing options, a calculator is integrated into the platform.

Promote your products and services

It is vital to come up with banners, ad campaigns, special offers, and so on, to attract customers. Using this platform, you can create and manage all promotional materials with ease. You can even keep customers updated with the latest news and exciting videos, along with publishing brochures and manuals on the automotive website.

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Check out new and used cars

Maintain detailed listings to showcase your stock so that users can locate their next car minus the hassle. If you want to highlight the “new arrivals”, there is a Showroom feature available that lets you list new cars in a detailed manner with prices, specifications, available options, visuals, etc. Visitors can also look up accessories and order those that match their car requirements.

Book test drives and other services

Offer customers the ease of booking test drive slots and scheduling repairs and inspections at any time.

Modera Webfront offers the ultimate customer experience for automotive websites, by ensuring it has proper structure and elements, along with the features required to pique customer interest.

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