City Motors’ Road to Success

In this automotive CRM case study, we find out how City Motors AS was able to increase the efficiency and revenue of their dealerships, whilst improving their customer experience.

Quick facts

  • Client? City Motors AS
  • What they do? Official representative of Renault, Dacia and Nissan in Estonia.
  • Where? Estonia
  • Range? 5 dealerships: Two in Harju County, one in Tartu, Narva and Kuressaare

Challenges faced by dealerships

Having been on the market for over 20 years as the official representative of Renault, Dacia and Nissan vehicles in Estonia, City Motors knew the importance of keeping up with current market trends and making sure their dealerships reflected that. The company had been using solutions and products by a reputable company for years, but was starting to realise that one-size-fits-all type of systems meant for a wide range of industries might not be the perfect fit for them.

City Motors was looking for a solution that was created with the specific needs of the automotive industry in mind. They found themselves struggling to keep up with the increasing demands of factory needs, as well as needing a reliable CRM solution to manage leads, customers and relevant data. On top of that, the company was looking for a solution that would allow all of their dealerships to have access to real-time stock. It was also important to create a modern and user-friendly website to accommodate the increasing customer interest in online shopping, whilst reflecting the real-time availability of products and vehicles in stock. 

Finding the perfect fit

On their hunt for the perfect solution to help tackle the above challenges, City Motors decided to give Modera Software a try. Knowing that Modera’s solutions were created specifically for the automotive industry, taking into consideration the special needs and requirements, City Motors was hoping the solutions would be the answer to their problems as well.  

The cooperation started in 2020 and consisted of two phases. The first step was to start adapting the existing processes to Modera’s CRM solution. Much to the company’s delight, the implementation process was fairly easy and the positive impacts of the change didn’t take long to show. The second phase included the implementation of Modera’s Webfront solution, as City Motors was looking for a single system that would be easily manageable and would reflect real-time stock across all of their webpages. 

Smooth cooperation

Thanks to Modera’s thorough knowledge of the industry, the implementation process of new solutions was easy and gave City Motors more confidence in their decision to try a new approach. Not only did the implemented solutions help City Motors in their daily operations, increasing the efficiency across all of their dealerships, but the company was now able to analyze and measure their performance in detail. This helped identify any bottlenecks in their processes and make improvements where necessary. 

Another benefit the company was able to enjoy thanks to the cooperation was the fact that their webpages were running smoothly, whilst providing page visitors with a seamless and user-friendly experience. 

From the beginning of the cooperation, one of the things City Motors valued most about Modera was how flexible and accommodating they were. It took several changes and customizations until the client was fully happy with the look and feel of their webpage, and they highly appreciated the patience and understanding Modera showed throughout the process. In the end, the custom solution created for City Motors was just the webpage they had been looking for. 

Main solutions implemented

To tackle their main challenges, City Motors implemented a number of Modera’s solutions. Webfront allowed them to have a beautiful and professional looking webpage, whilst Salesfront provided the perfect solution to manage stock centrally and make sure that all of their dealerships had a clear real-time overview of the inventory. Modera’s CRM solution helped increase the efficiency and productivity across dealerships, while ensuring customers enjoyed great and highly professional service.

Road to success

After implementing Modera Software solutions, City Motors has been able to improve the efficiency and operations across all of their dealerships. They benefit from a single system reflecting real-time stock, whilst having a reliable website and customer management system. 

City Motors understands the need to adapt to changing customer behaviour and demands, including the possibility for customers to go through their vehicle purchase process online. With a user-friendly website, easily manageable CRM system, and a flexible partner ready to meet any special requirement, the company is now set for all that the ever-changing automotive industry might have in store in the upcoming years. 

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© 2024 Modera Ltd. All rights reserved.