Car Dealership CRM Improves the Sales Process for Sirtaki

This time we’ll have a look at how our car dealership CRM software allowed Sirtaki to set up a seamless multi-language sales process.

car dealership crm

Take notes on how we helped Sirtaki launch a sales process perfectly fit for their size and needs with Modera Salesfront and Webfront products.

Quick facts

  • Who? Sirtaki OÜ
  • What? Car showroom, dealer of KIA and Citröen
  • Where? Estonia, Narva
  • Service? Sales of KIA and Citröen vehicles, parts, and accessories. Car repair and maintenance services.

Finding a car dealership CRM solution

Sirtaki OÜ was in need of a car dealership CRM software that would allow them to connect information from different platforms into one harmonious source of sales data.

As Kia Auto had already tried Modera Software solutions and found them to be a perfect match, Kia decided to save their dealers the trouble of finding their own CRM software provider. To keep a unified brand and have their dealers follow their high level of standards, the importer for Kia Auto Baltics advised all their dealers to implement Modera Software solutions.

As much as Sirtaki wanted all the necessary information to be available to all parties, it was equally as important to keep the sales process as simple, fast and smooth as possible. Being a smaller company, not all solutions fit the needs of Sirtaki OÜ. Luckily, Modera provided just the right match.

We have a winner

Now, it was time for Sirtaki to get familiar with all that Modera brought to the table. What set Modera apart were their scalable solutions, making them a perfect fit for both multi-site dealerships with countless users as well as for smaller organizations. A much-appreciated bonus was the fact that Modera offered the possibility to integrate multiple languages to the sales process.

Sirtaki integrated Modera Salesfront and Webfront solutions for the sales of Kia vehicles, parts, and accessories. They set their Kia site up in both Estonian and Russian and made it possible to draw up sales offers in both of those languages too. Not only was this a huge step from the customers’ point of view, it truly made a difference for the bilingual Sirtaki staff as well.

Making the most of it

Pavel Rekov, the CEO of Sirtaki OÜ, has pointed out some of the features that have helped make the biggest difference in their sales process.

Modera Salesfront solution has made booking a test drive simple and easy. No need to wait in line or sit on the phone for hours on end – the booking can be done online completely hassle-free.

The salespeople have enjoyed a quick and easy process when it comes to drawing up price offers. What is more, depending on the buyer, the offers can be in either Estonian or Russian, guaranteeing that information doesn’t get lost in translation.

One of the main issues that Sirtaki was facing was not having all the necessary information up to date and accessible for all parties involved. Thanks to the Salesfront solution, keeping track of the stock and arrival date of vehicles is no longer a cause for concern. The salespeople of Sirtaki can see the inventory of Kia Auto in real-time whenever necessary. Configuring data has become much faster and more uniform.

With the help of Modera Webfront, the Kia interface now has a logical and easily understandable setup. Both the sales staff and customers enjoy an easy-to-use car configurator, taking the sales process up a notch.

car dealership crm kia

The owners of Kia vehicles have access to a wide range of parts and accessories as well as manuals. All the information is accessible in both Estonian and Russian, so the customers can choose their preferred language.

Since integrating Modera Software solutions, Sirtaki has managed to set up a fast and seamless sales process perfectly tailored to their and their customers’ specific needs.

Services implemented in this car dealership CRM case study:

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