Car Dealer CRM Case Study for Eurostauto

Find out how being a pilot dealer for our car dealer CRM software helped Eurostauto land on a smooth and solid sales process.

car dealer crm case study

Quick facts

Driven by results and simplicity with Modera Salesfront.

  • Who? OÜ Eurostauto
  • What?  Official representative of Nissan Nordic Europe and maintenance provider of Mazda
  • Where? Estonia
  • Range? Biggest Nissan dealer in Estonia with dealerships in Tallinn and Pärnu

Starting point

Since their early days in 2008, Eurostauto was on the lookout for suitable car dealer CRM to make their sales process a smooth and steady ride. They were open to innovative ideas to make the everyday tasks of their dealers easier and more enjoyable. One of the key priorities was to provide customers a positive and memorable shopping experience from start to finish. As a company just starting off, there was not much room for errors.

Ready for take off

To stand out on the market, Eurostauto decided that they had to try to do something that others had not done yet. After hearing about Modera software, it seemed like a perfect fit.

They gave Modera Webfront a go on their Nissan website to see if the auto dealer software was something worth implementing. After seeing the results, the decision to stick with Modera was clear. The dealers enjoyed a much smoother sales process and an increase in the number of sales thanks to the features the new solution offered. Managing test drives and service bookings as well as putting together and comparing offers had become simpler than ever with automotive retail software.

car dealer crm case study eurostauto

Shortly after, Eurostauto became a pilot dealer for Modera, when developing Modera’s Salesfront platform- a car dealer CRM platform still used by Eurostauto today.

In addition to Salesfront, Eurostauto now enjoys the features of the Webfront platform for Nissan, Mazda and Jeep. They’ve integrated Live Chat on their websites to offer customers timely responses and make sure no inquiries go unnoticed.

The implementation of the Queue Management system has made the lives of both dealers and customers much more convenient at Eurostauto. The all-digital queuing solution has allowed the dealer to manage customer expectations easily and line them up conveniently to be serviced at the retail. The customer experience has improved immensely as they don’t have to sit around for hours waiting for their turn.

Connecting platforms and goals

One of the biggest goals of Eurostauto has always been to guarantee a high level of customer satisfaction. The use of Modera platforms has helped Eurostauto establish just that. From sitting on their couch, browsing through cars on sale to visiting the dealership and driving off with their dream car- Eurostauto has made sure they provide their customers a memorable experience.

Every company has their problems and Eurostauto is no different. As much as they try to make every one of their customers happy, sometimes things don’t go as planned. By being able to track the sales process in detail, it is easy to figure out, where things might have gone wrong and to learn from past mistakes. Using Modera’s platforms has helped Eurostauto analyze their processes and make improvements where necessary.

The management of Eurostauto also strives to keep their salespeople motivated. During uncertain times, this can sometimes be quite a challenge. By having a system in place, which allows both the managers and salespeople to track the results, it is easier to detect shortcomings, find ways to fix them and thus up the sales and motivation. Modera has helped Eurostauto provide their dealers with a system that makes their jobs easier and takes mundane tasks off their hands, thus giving the dealers time to focus on the clients and the tasks they enjoy.

4 Car Dealer CRM Benefits for Eurostauto

Eurostauto has enjoyed quite a few benefits during its time using Modera’s car dealer CRM.

1. Thanks to Modera Salesfront the configuration of data has become easier, faster and more unified.

2. All the available price lists are composed in great detail, leaving no room for mistakes. The car dealer CRM has helped Eurostauto guarantee that the price lists displayed on their website are always up to date and the same as the ones used in Salesfront to set up offers.

3. With the help of Modera Webfront, the lead capture process at Eurostauto has become much more reliable and easy to manage. There’s no reason to worry about leads going missing along the way. All inquiries from Eurostauto’s website and chat are gathered in one place, making it easy to process and manage them and monitor the progress of each lead.

4. Something that has really made a difference for the customers is the improvement of Eurostauto’s pipeline visibility. Imagine your customers being able to book their new rides, while they’re actually still being assembled in the factory. We all love to be the first ones to get our hands on the latest and the greatest and Eurostauto has made that possible with the help of Modera Salesfront. Thanks to the pipeline integration, even the cars still in the factory are already up for grabs for the customers. This has made the stock turnaround at Eurostauto much faster.

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Customer feedback

As described by the Dealer Principal at Eurostauto Meelis Õitspuu:

Modera car dealer CRM is a great tool that my team uses daily. It is very easy and fast to work with content. The offers have a professional look and it is a must-have for any car dealer.

Services Offered in this Car Dealer CRM case study

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