Breton asks EU carmakers to keep the combustion engines coming for the sake of jobs and export force

Automakers should continue to produce internal combustion cars
EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton said he will create a working group that will include automakers as Europe heads toward a 2035 ban on gasoline and diesel cars. Source:

With the 2035 ban on the production of gasoline and diesel cars looming over EU automakers, they are urged to keep the production of internal combustion cars going.

Just recently, the agreement to ban the production of new combustion-engine cars in the EU from 2035 was reached. Although this is a huge step in reimagining transportation as we know it and reducing carbon emissions, EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton is now asking automakers to keep producing combustion cars in order to create quality jobs and support the export force.

The green light given to the all-electric approach in the European auto industry is not only posing a risk to employment, but also challenging the affordability of vehicles. Whilst Breton commands carmakers opting to deliver a fully electrified offering by 2035, he believes a more responsible approach would be to keep the production of internal combustion cars going as well. He has given a bleak prediction of what might happen if the price of electric vehicles remains as is and how the workforce of the industry is going to suffer.

Agreeing with car companies such as Stellantis, Breton fears the car market is in for a collapse unless the price point of EVs is significantly lowered. What is more, the fully-electric road may lead the industry to lose roughly 600,000 jobs. Breton now has his fingers crossed that the 2026 reviewing of the agreement will result in postponing the 2035 deadline.


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