Automotive Social Media Marketing in 2023

June 28, 2023
Automotive Social Media Marketing in 2023

Social media has become an integral tool these days for all kinds of businesses, including those part of the automotive industry. There are millions of users active on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so car dealerships can’t miss out on capitalizing on the lucrative opportunity of automotive marketing via these channels.

What is automotive social media marketing?

To put it in a nutshell, automotive social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy, which utilizes the power of social media to promote car dealerships and reach a wider audience. This method of automotive marketing involves creating engaging content for people with certain interests, targeting specific demographics, and leveraging paid advertising to build a strong online presence.

Automotive marketing tips for social media

As mentioned, the goal is to reach a target audience with particular interests. Below you’ll find some great ways to grow your presence on different social media platforms.

Create ads on Facebook

Many consumers are using Facebook, so place some eye-catching ads strategically in their feed to pique their interest. You can design your ad campaign to target audiences based on their location, interests, gender, vehicle type, etc.

Drive sales through Twitter

Nowadays, customers can tweet about almost everything such as their experiences at a car showroom, how a certain vehicle is performing, etc. An excellent strategy to use on Twitter is keyword targeting – it can direct your advertisements and message to consumers who are likely to purchase a vehicle from your dealership.

An excellent strategy to use on Twitter is keyword targeting

Reach out to millennials on Instagram

Instagram is focused on sharing images and video content. It is a great platform to share your brand story. A few years back, posting a few images with captions would be sufficient to drive decent sales through online channels, but not anymore. Posting high quality and aesthetically appealing images is a must. This, however, is not enough. Now, you have to create attractive videos as well, so users could get a feel of what it would be like to purchase a particular car, and the experience of taking it for a spin. Show users what it would be like to drive to the beach, visit a campsite, or take the car up to a lake for a quick weekend getaway. Let consumers visualize the scenario – it helps them connect and encourages purchases.

Dabble in video marketing via YouTube

Consumers who wish to buy new or used cars will compare models, prices, safety features, walkarounds, and connected devices. Videos can be embedded on your website or hosted on YouTube to increase organic visibility.

The work of car dealerships doesn’t just end with a purchase

Social reviews go a long way

The work of car dealerships doesn’t just end with a purchase. Request customers to leave reviews about the service they received at your dealership. Prospects often check past customer experience to determine whether they want to visit a dealership or not. Thank users who leave positive reviews, and address the negative ones honestly (acknowledge if you did something wrong and promise to do better) – it builds brand reputation and breeds trust.

Maintain consistency

Establishing a social media presence means you have to be consistent with content. Once people start following you online, you must have regular interactions with them. If you suddenly stop posting, you start losing your audience. Create a personalized experience for users so they start feeling a connection with your brand from the get-go. Thus, you will be able to develop relationships and loyalty with your audience.

So if you are looking to build your brand, then automotive social media marketing is a must. It helps to broaden your reach online by creating compelling content that influences user decisions. Once car dealerships establish themselves as a reliable brand, it is bound to drive more traffic to their website.

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