8 Things to Know About Customers Car Shopping Habits

Nowadays, it is all about knowing the customer and their buying behavior! The better you understand why they are inclined towards purchasing a particular make and model, or the reason they wish to buy a used car instead of a new one, the more effective dealerships become at understanding customer preferences.

8 things to know about customers car shopping habits

Here are a few statistics to guide you along the car shopping journey for customers:


1) Preference of digital channels

According to RulerAnalytics.com, 95% of car shoppers begin their car buying journey online. They extensively gather information by looking up various resources, effectively bypassing brick-and-mortar establishments as their starting point. Digital channels are what they prefer before actually visiting the dealership, which is why it would be useful to have a fully functioning, easy-to-navigate website with updated information.

2) Research patterns

As per Autotrader, the top five activities that car shoppers indulge in, while researching online are:

1. Looking up vehicle prices (71%).

2. Finding vehicles listed for sale (68%).

3. Comparing different makes and models (64%).

4. Finding out what the present car is worth (63%).

5. Searching for a dealer and getting necessary information (46%).

3) Robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software

As per another research, around 23.5% of dealer leads miss 24-hour follow-up, and 13.3% vanish before CRM entry. Missed follow-ups and CRM gaps put dealers at the risk of losing 37% of online leads. Modera’s CRM software is integrated with the latest features to ensure the online to offline transition for potential customers is seamless and hassle-free.

4) Social media plays an integral role

LLCBuddy.com states that 1 in 3 social media-savvy shoppers share pictures and videos of their ride online. It is an excellent opportunity for some free publicity for your business – get them to tag your dealership to expand your reach organically.

5) Online test drives

Customers wish to avoid stepping into the dealership for as long as possible. According to Google, the watch time of “test drive” videos on YouTube has shot up by more than 65% in the last couple of years. Buyers wish to get the feel of what it would be like to be inside the car by simply watching the videos, before they get in touch with a dealership.

6) Power of video marketing

Data from PorchGroupMedia.com has revealed that a whopping 40% of car shoppers discover “new vehicles” they weren’t even thinking of, thanks to video marketing. Apart from pictures, it is important to take compelling videos of popular makes and models, and upload them on your dealership website. Promote them across the right channels, and it works wonders in influencing purchase decisions.

car shoppers

7) Having a conversation

LSA data states that 61% of new and used vehicle shoppers contact the dealership by calling after a search. They prefer to talk to a live agent and get their questions answered after finishing research online. As per DialogTech, 31.6% o the total calls to dealerships will definitely result in an appointment, so please ensure their “call experience” is pleasant. Consumers who call from paid search call extensions have a higher intent to set up an appointment than general callers who didn’t use an extension. In fact, BIA/Kelsey data reveals that phone calls are more likely to convert to 10 to 15 times more revenue as compared to web leads.

8) Personalize the experience

According to Limelight stats, 54% of car shoppers are willing to pay more if the buying experience is better! This is where your business can gain an edge over competitors by providing a smooth end-to-end experience, starting from online, then over phone, and finally culminating at the dealership.

The above mentioned statistics provide a clear and elaborate insight into the minds and purchase patterns of car shoppers. Dealerships can utilize these stats to analyze buying behavior and predict trends accordingly, in order to boost sales.

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