6 Benefits of a High Quality Automotive Dealer Management System

6 Benefits of a High Quality Automotive Dealer Management System

When it comes to buying cars, customers are now prioritizing convenience before everything else. Before they actually step into a dealership, they want to have all the necessary information about a vehicle on their fingertips. That is why a high quality automotive DMS (dealer management system) offering full functionality is a must, so you can offer the best of services and close sales successfully.

What is a DMS – Dealer Management System?

To put it in a nutshell, DMS allows a dealership to perform all daily functions in areas of sales, financial transactions, service operations and more, flawlessly from a centralized hub. The integration built into the software allows simplified information exchange between all the operational divisions of your dealership. It is a solution where everything is interconnected – be it the work of the sales department or the preferences of customers. Daily controls become smoother, especially when repetitive tasks are automated.

What is a dealer management system | What is dms

Benefits of implementing a high quality automotive DMS

1. All-in-one solution

Using a collection of products from multiple software vendors can turn into a nightmare scenario. Using a DMS means a single solution that eliminates these headaches. It makes it convenient for employees to cross-train as and when required. It is all the more helpful for smaller dealerships where headcount is at a premium.

One of the major benefits is that it lets you manage all functional areas of business with one solution, starting from sales to service and everything in between. It means data flows seamlessly from one functional area of the business to another, allowing for accurate and timely reporting for informed business decisions.

2. Improved customer service

The competition today is immensely tough. You aren’t just competing with other local dealerships, but also running the race with third-party websites and online car sellers. The latter category promise buyers the convenience of online shopping. As already mentioned, more customers are getting comfortable with the idea of buying cars online. Offering impeccable and personalized customer experience is a must to retain existing customers and get new ones. DMS can help you with this by tracking more lead data and making it available to your entire team. Dealerships now understand the importance of collecting lead data beyond basic information before getting in touch with buyers and establishing a connection.

3. Data and marketing

As mentioned, data is vital these days. Business owners and sales managers actively research their markets and have a good understanding of what customers want. Despite this, they may be missing key points that can significantly affect the bottom line. With that in mind, a DMS automatically generates massive amounts of data and displays it in easy-to-read reports. For instance, website analytics software can tell you how many people visit your website and request information. You can even know which pages are popular among them and for how long they view the pages. Using this data, the DMS helps you create campaigns, use social media, and track results. Data helps you better understand which marketing efforts work best, and if the message you put out there is getting a response.

DMS can help you with this by tracking more lead data

4. Flexibility

A common misconception associated with DMS is that they are solely meant for big dealerships with multiple locations. However, any DMS can be tailored to suit your business requirements. Whether you have one dealership or 50, it can be scaled and customized accordingly. A high quality automotive DMS is easy to navigate, so you can work out a solution specific to your dealership’s needs.

A DMS comes with intuitive workflows and a modern, consistent screen interface. This feature makes it easier to learn and use. It allows employees to get up to speed faster and become more productive sooner. Having consistent screens throughout the system with same/similar tasks and buttons in the same location on every screen is one example of how an intuitive design can simplify the learning process.

Cloud-based solutions

It is no secret that cloud-based platforms are shaping the future for businesses of all sizes. Cloud-based architecture provided by a DMS lets you continue running your business even outside the dealership. Additional benefits include eliminating the problems of in-house servers and IT systems overload and the costs associated with them. It simplifies and streamlines the process of deploying system updates. It also cuts down lag time to access data, so you can pull reports and retrieve data in seconds.

remote working for dealership


Remote working and transferring data outside the walls of the dealership has become the norm. That is why; dependence on security has increased too. When it comes to data security, cloud-based solutions built on industry-leading platforms, use secure encryption methods to protect data and prevent unauthorized access.

Disaster recovery is another aspect of security that needs to be considered. It is impossible to predict when and where outside influences like natural disasters, power outages, economic downturn, or health crisis may lead to downtime for your business. Regardless of its duration, downtime has a negative impact on your bottom line and reputation. DMS ensures quick data recovery for all kinds of emergency situations. It also allows off-premises data back-up that can be accessed by any internet-connected device.

Thanks to cutting edge technology, an automotive DMS offers a comprehensive solution to help car dealerships manage their entire business from a single hub. It ensures better marketing, customer service, communication, and inventory management, all of which have a positive impact on increasing vehicle sales and service requests. Efficiency is enhanced, as the DMS helps to cross-reference data for identifying trends, opportunities, and ways to reduce costs.

If you are looking for a dealer management system for your dealership(s) then take a look at Modera Importer (for dealer network management) and Modera Salesfront (Automotive specialized CRM) solutions.

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