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11 Habits that Successful Car Salespeople Have

May 25, 2022
11 Habits that Successful Car Salespeople Have

Selling a vehicle isn’t just about sitting in a dealership and waiting for customers to come in. Much effort is required to convert walk-ins into final deals. Whereas in past car salespeople didn’t face stiff competition, the situation has now changed and left the go-getter-minded car salespeople with a level playing field.

Here are some habits of top car salespeople – take a look:

1. Building customer relationships early

When building relationships with buyers, a majority of car salespeople focus their efforts on the closing phase of the sales cycle. But top salespeople, state that the highest levels of interactions between buyers and sellers occur during the education phase of the buyer’s journey. To be effective, salespeople have to develop strong relationships well in advance of negotiations and deal closure discussions. To successfully reach customers, proficient salespeople leverage sales tools that surface buying and intent signals. For example, it helps them determine, when customers are likely to conduct research on a particular relevant vehicle. By getting in front of customers and building strong relationships early, top performing car salespeople get a leg up on the competition. They don’t leave it to chance that the buyer will reach out.

2. Prioritize in-person interactions

The world is extremely technologically savvy these days, so it is fitting to resort to email and phone as the default communication tools. However, car salespeople prioritize in-person interactions more. Once they identify customers who exhibit the highest buying propensities, they wish to connect more via face-to-face meetings. The results of meeting in-person rather than virtually, boost the chances of a successful sale. Use the automotive CRM in the dealership, to memorize names of top customers. They will be pleased if you can remember their names.

3. Being data-driven

Nowadays, the art of selling cars has become extremely data-driven. Most high performing salespeople heavily rely on sales analytics. Data gives a clearer insight into the customer and their buying behavior, which helps to boost conversions.

If you see that your data management is a mess, be sure to sign up for a free trial of Automotive dealership CRM software.

4. Aligning with buyers interests

If you can’t convince the buyer about acting in their best interest, they won’t purchase – period! Salespeople don’t adopt a one-size-fits-all approach to selling, because the generic approach is obsolete. Car salespeople step into the shoes of customers. It is all done to understand how their offering uniquely meets the needs or desires of each specific customer.

5. Being consistent

A good car salesperson reports to base consistently so clients can find you at work. That doesn’t mean you sit at the dealership all day long, but you have to be available. Thus, clients will learn to trust you over time. They can judge youas an experienced car salesperson who can answer any question and handle every situation professionally.

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6. Perfecting the art of listening

Unfortunately, some clients come with a preconceived notion of their ideal car, while others come to seek a truthful opinion. If you don’t have good listening skills, you don’t pick up on client requirements. It is imperative you give timely and satisfactory answers to their questions. Find out what they are looking for, and tell them exactly how your dealership can help them.

7. Keeping up with the trends

Vehicles, consumer behavior, market trends, etc. are always changing. For instance, 2022 models will be outdated by the next year, because new models are already in production for 2023. It is necessary to keep studying the market to know what is new, what appeals to customers, etc. so you can keep selling successfully. You will always be active in closing deals if you learn the art of the trending models.

8. Using the latest technology

Technology is undergoing a rapid change, almost every other day. Stay updated regarding apps that help to sell cars, best car sale software, and of course an automotive CRM (like Modera Salesfront), as mentioned above. It helps to automate processes, while being a treasure trove of data on customers.

9. Always following up

Remember that the relationship with a client doesn’t end when the deal closes. In fact, it is the start of a long and fruitful collaboration. You should think about turning the one-time customer into a repeat customer. You could wait for a while and make a call to your client to find out their experience with the new car. Ask if they are satisfied with their purchase.  It helps to create an impression that will make the client return, or spread positive news about the dealership to family and friends.

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10. Being confident

Your confidence as a car salesperson could greatly augment the chances of selling. If you display confidence during a deal, it will create conviction in your client, so they are likely to close the deal. If you fumble and stutter, the client will start to doubt your abilities and wonder what you are doing! There are high chances they will move on.

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11. Staying on top of what you sell

As a car salesperson, it is vital to know the products in and out. There are so many makes and models. Remember, you are the middle person between the manufacturer and the consumer and should confidently advise your clients based on make, model, body, and year.

Good car salespeople have to be patient too, because the process of selling cars could take anything from weeks to even months. Apart from mastering the “habits” mentioned above, you have to keep a cool head and stay patient during the whole process, especially when dealing with fussy and irate customers.